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Special Announcement No 1 :

**The Crop Circle 2018 Season has been even more amazing than ever. See by yourself bow in UK and also International how this phenomenon has been fantastic.

Click here to reach the Web site "The Crop Circle Connector for this season and any prior season that they kept in their archives...


Special Announcement No 2 :

**Dr Steven Greer is proud to annonce that is new upcoming movie "Unacknowledged" is the #1 movie on Apple Trailers and a top 20 pre-order movie on iTunes!

Since hitting the iTunes store, Unacknowledged is racing up the movie pre-order charts and ranking among many top Hollywood releases.

Help us keep up the momentum by pre-ordering Unacknowledged on iTunes!

The iTunes pre-order comes with more than five hours of exclusive bonus content! The purchase includes never before seen UFO footage, exclusive interviews from the film and eight top secret classified documents that have never been released to the public before! This deal is only available through the iTunes package.

We're excited to work with iTunes on this historic release and put together this exclusive package of content for you so you can have the hardcore truth in your hands!

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Special Announcement No 3 :

**After a great success at the world premiere in Los Angeles California at the Directors Guild of America, tje Movie the Connected Universe is now available on Vimeo for the public.
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** Welcome to your source of the best information that you can find to start your Transformation** :

Your own Transformation at any level of your life as much professional or personal into all of your daily activities...!! We are talking of the "Development of the Human Potential" that neither your school teachers or your parents or any educators from whom you have learn what you know, or should we say, what you thing you know as much as the reality of who we are and what we can do and are is so far away of any education we've been given by our teachers...

We are referring to your :

  • BODY
  • SOUL

  • and that your are a MULTI DIMENSIONS being, not just a 3 dimensional one... !!

    This web site will help you to transform your business life, your personal life, your attitudes toward life in general since we will show you that everything that exists in your life had started in your thoughts, that all starts from the way you think and how our "mechanical and programmed mind" is drilled to think in a giving way....
    You will be amazed of what we have put on line in this web site for you, result of years of research, reading, listening and mostly, reprogramming our minds in order to do what we have to do to really see and feel who we really are and what we can do here during this Journey in this physical world...

    Our "Raison d'être" is to "guide you", one step at a time in order to assist you for each of these steps that you will do with us, so you can "feel" the difference and be encourage to keep going by the progress that you will be able to realize in your inner Self, an awareness or consciousness of :

    "I am" :

    which brings the happiness that is inherent in man but not because of external causes... As Mortimer Jerome Adler said : "One must realize himself in order to experience his unalloyed happiness. All spiritual scriptures are meant to make man retrace his steps to his original source."

    You can start by reading our Blog address that you can find on the menu at your right or by clicking on one of our amazing links that we drive you to some of the best material that we can find on Internet.
    I recommend you to read some topics as a first step so you can get acquainted with the subject of...


    In order to guide you properly, at, you will find the very best values for the best quality of info that we can provide you through internet has to offer.

    So, please visit our site as often as you can so you can follow the evolution and all the links that will bring you to the best books, movies or events that you can find to "stimulate" your mind.
    Let's be convenient and go for e-books if you are in a run from morning to night so you can listen in your daily commuting time.

    Also, our “Shopping” page offers you, amazing good music and the very best food to feed your body with latest scientific result and findings.
    Don’t miss this great opportunity offered on this site to do a big change in you life that you will keep wondering why you did not started before...!!
    As a result of our constant research, we are always updating this site with new material that we are sure will help you like it is helping us. Our goal is to share with you what we find that makes a difference in our...


    "with one only goal: your progression towards your self-realization ...
    So please bookmark this page and visit us often as you need to keep going in this new road of success and better life.
    As a welcome gift to this subject, please go on the link named "Freebee" so you can taste our table of contents of our latest book that will give you 60 capsules of key words, one capsule a day just to awake this energy that is sleeping in you for years......
    Do not hesitate to share your comments by clicking on the page "Contact" where you will find also In Memoriam some of the best material from Dr Wayne W. Dyer, and where you can find here below many of his books offered by his editor, Hay House and by
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