About Us

At global-transformation.com, our mission is to bring you the best of what we found on the World Wide Web to help you reach the wealth that you deserve but also and foremost, to think twice about yourself... about the question:

"Who I meant to be.."?
Where are we going like this...?
Why and what all these "10,000 things" in my life are really doing... ??

If you are reading these lines and have end up on this site, it is not by pure coincidence but for a good reason.
Our site has been designed for you, for the convenience of finding in one site what you need in your tool box to start your own "transformation" at the paste you want.
We are committed to providing our customers with products and services from the most reliable and reputable online shopping sites. We hope you enjoy what you can find here and that your visit will make you come back to global-transformation.com as often as you feel...and I can promise you something... you will feel a lot to come back...!

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The purpose of this new page is to guide you through our own research which took hours and hours of reading, watching and filtering so many different topics that we have finally "connected" together by their uniqueness creating this relation by their "strong message" through so many different channels that we are sure will amaze you for their unique level of information that reveals, finally, what has never been heard before.
That will motivate you to embrace this new way to feed yourself through our own understanding that, we are sure, will become your way also to put in relation everything that can be placed together and have a new "global" picture or a "world view" that you could never guess before...!
We will update that page on a monthly basis to give time to integrate this amazing explanations on many subjects and to built your own library with what we are giving you here and can be found on the web today and this to empower yourself for your own transformation that will be fed by the new understanding of how this world has just begin to reveal his Truth that was either under disclosure for so many years or simply unknown from the humanity up to now.
Don't be surprise to find yourself suddenly completely dedicated on these subjects and to find more and more information about these revelations... Enjoy the ride !